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Who are We?

Dan and Nellie were married on September 11, 1999. It was a really fun wedding. There was a brownie fight, and some people had sex on a canoe. The marriage officially lasted until November of 2012, and included two children. The marriage unofficially lasted until something like September of 2009, and was followed by three years of sporadic mediation. It was like a slow motion race to see who’d get bored first.
Yes, there were moments of anger. Maybe even a little hate. But through the entire process, Dan and Nellie managed any animosity by acknowledging the fact that their kids were in the middle. When they got pissed at one another, they worked through it. There was silence. There were terse exchanges and one-word texts. But by the time the divorce was final, they had forged a new path. They re-learned how to trust one another. And while they still get pissed at one another from time to time, they’ve formed a relationship that works really well.
The point? It’s possible. Animosity isn’t a given. And when all’s said and done, it’s a hell of a lot easier than being at war. For everyone.



Nellie Edwards was once Nellie Coes. She still is occasionally, depending on how she’s feeling about Dan. Nellie went to prestigious private schools in prestigious Connecticut, and earned her English degree at Boston University. After a short stint as a shopkeeper on the Greek Isle of Naxos, where she lived with an English soccer hooligan, she moved to Portland, Maine.
Nellie used her English degree to become an accomplished graphic designer and art director. Over the course of her career, Nellie has worked in pretty much every setting imaginable, including big corporations, small companies and pretty much anywhere she could fit her laptop. She is still wondering what she’ll be when she grows up.  
One of the other things Nellie does is stand up comedy. Shortly after her very first stand up performance, she was selected to join the cast of the Nick at Nite’s 2006 Funniest Mom reality show. She went, finished ninth, and parlayed the notoriety into a tidy little career. She’s really good at it, and this is coming from Dan, even though he’s often the punchline.



Dan Edwards has been a writer since sixth grade, which is when someone told him he was good at it. The jury’s still out, but he took it to heart. He studied English in college, worked as a corporate and freelance writer for a long time, then had the brilliant idea to go to Law school.
Turns out it was actually a stupid idea.
So after pretending to be a lawyer for a while – with a brief break to work as an ad agency creative director – he turned back to freelance writing. It was better for everyone.
Happily DeMarried is the first time since college that Dan has done writing that wasn’t for money. And while he has no psychology degrees, social work credentials or impressive letters after his name, he writes from experience, and from his heart. What he says – what he believes - may not be for everyone. But there’s a chance – just a chance – that it might be for someone. Hell. It might even be for you.
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